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2011-05-08: Delph

Came to the Delph with Paul Anderson and Gail Shenton to do Sports Diver open water lessons SO1 (Diver Rescue) and SO4 (Compass/DSMB). Although the Delph was fairly busy it felt relaxed and uncrowded. We signed in and joining up. Gail needed to do SO1 for her PADI crossover training, so we cracked on with that dive first. Unfortunately, after the dive, whilst removing her drysuit, Gail's neck seal ripped almost completely off and so ending her day's diving. We had lunch together before she headed of home ... rotten luck Gail. Paul and I decided to save SO3 for Stoney Cove, as Paul is much more familiar with the site layout there. So we chose to do SO4 as our second dive. I was really please with how the day went, and another two lessons completed.

Dive #010

Kitted up and jumped in

Whilst dragging all out kit up onto the beach my 2nd stage reg free-flowed. The purge button was stuck in, jammed by grit. After some gentle persuasion I freed the purge and gave it a good wash out.

Dive #011

Discussed the stuck purge.