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My Equipment

In a word, 'expensive'. This stuff isn't for the tight-walleted. There is cheaper second-hand kit around ... but I like the guarantee you get when you buy from new.
My Equipment
US Divers Pool Fins:
Oceanic Vortex V12 Split Fins:
Cressi Penta Mask:
Northern Diver Voyager Dry Suit:
inc Hood (£450)
Northern Diver Metalux
Temperate Undersuit: (£50)
Fourth Element Arctic Undersuit Socks:

Northern Diver Guardian GTEK BCD:
Apeks ATX40/DS4 Regulators:
15L Faber Steel Cylinder:

Suunto 2+1 CB Double In Line gauge console: (£126) Suunto Yyper Dive Computer:
Northern Diver Dry Glove System:

Northern Diver Pouch Weight Belt:
Block / Shot Weights - 22Kg:
Beaver Ankle Weights:

Northern Diver KN14 Titanium BCD Knife:
Beaver Mariner Mesh Rucksack:
Norther Diver Reg Bag:
Beaver Buffalo 85L Dry Bag:
Oceanic Neo Classic Dive Boots:
Oceanic Ultradry Snorkel:
Total: ~£1889