Here are my motorbikes in the order that I have owned them ...
(Pictures are not of the actual bikes, just for illustration.)

Suzuki TS ER50
First bike ... I was so excited byu it and proud of it.
I went to my High School on it for the last 2 weeks ... man was I cool.
The suspension was jacked up to make it look meaner, but it was gutless.
I think it may have ended up being stolen.
Suzuki TS ER50

Honda CB100N
I used to race my mate Brett to Technical College on it, great fun.
I had a couple of other mates who has the same bike, we used to race up to Alton Towers and back on them.
I got knocked off it and broke my leg and wrist ... just before I was about to take my test.
Honda CB100N

Suzuki GS250X
Test done, this was my first 'real' bike.
I bought it when I was at Uni and it served me well.

Honda CX500 Sport
Another Uni bike. It was a proper ratter, nothing like in the picture.
I can't tell you how many chocolate cam-chain-tensioners I had to change on it.
... but the engine was so easy to work on.
I went to Le Mons 24hr race on it one year.

Yamaha FZR400RR EXUP
Serious biking on my little crotch-rocket.
Mine is painted in the Cadbury's Boost race colours of the time.
Yamaha FRZ400RR