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My network's external IP address is dynamic and so changes all the time.
The last know IP address is ...
As of 11 SEP 2010 =

BT HomeHub 5
Acts as DHCP for internal network nodes.
Connect to it using IP address

Synology DiskStation (Ds211j)
My NAS is registered with Synoloy's QuickConnect service (ID = MATTCOOKSYNOLOGY).
This allows you to log in to the DSM web front-end remotely (over the internet).

To manage this, log in to Synology's "MyDS" Account website.
(This needs to be refreshed every 60 days.)

Assigned a static (internal) IP address via DHCP from the router =

Note: The Chrome browser, from ver 45, has less support for Java.
I have had problems with File Station failing to upload ... but on IE11 it works.

Reinstall DSM
Occasionally the operating system loses its configuration, requiring the OS to be reinstalled.
This does not destroy any data but does require the OS to be set up again from scratch.
Synology offer a guide here.
  • Download the latest version of DSM (for Ds211j).
  • Press RESET button for 4 sec until it beeps.
  • Press RESET button again for 4 sec, within next 10 sec, until it beeps again.
  • Run Synology Assistant, and the status will say "Not Configured".
  • Double-click on the NAS to start the install wizard.

After the re-install ...
You may need to (or be prompted to) update the DSM 
Control Panel > System > Updates & Restore

Restore the previous configuration (so save regularly) using ...
Control Panel > System > Updates & Restore > Configuration Backup > Restore Configuration

If the restore doesn't work, I usually change the login style template (to black) to indicate it's not a fresh install.
  • Control Panel > Login Style
  • Login Page Title = "Matt's NAS"
  • Welcome Title = "You are NOT welcome !!!"
  • Welcome Message = "This is a private secure facility. Do not attempt to log in !"
  • Template ... change to the black one.
  • Turn wallpaper OFF and set to white ... Options > Desktop

Need to enable DDNS to allow synology hosted URL to stay active.
  • Control Panel > Connectivity > External Access > DDNS > Add 
  • Service Provider = Synology
  • Host Name = mattcooksynology
  • Click the 'Test Connection' button, which should return Status = "Normal"
  • Check the box to agree with T&Cs.

The following is a list of packages that need re-installing;
  • PhotoStation
  • VideoStation
  • Media Server
  • Plex



Cloud Station:
To (re)setup;
1. On DSM, open the Cloud Station Server app.
2. Navigate to Settings > Sync Settings
3. Select the XCHANGE shared folder.
4. Click the 'Enable' button.
In the Cloud Station Client;
5. For the NAS select folder ... //XCHANGE/SYNC/CloudStation
6. For a PC select folder ... C:\SYNC ... (as it will automatically choose the CloudStation subfolder).
7. For Android select internal folder ... SYNC\CloudStation

After installation, it takes a while to index all the media, before client apps can get access.

Old Equipment

LaCie Networkspace

Tesco Broadband Thomson Router

Assign FTP Server to Lacie: Home > Toolbox > Game & Application Sharing