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Motto: "United Strength is Stronger"

The Staffordshire Knot in the top panel is taken from the Tunstall Arms.

The Boar's head, in the top panel, was taken from the Stoke-upon-Trent (Stoke Town) Arms (The Arms of the Copeland Family).

The Portland Vase (top left quadrant) was taken from the Burslem Arms.

The Fretty Cross appears on the Arms of the town of Fenton.

The Hanley Arms provided the Dromedary Camel (top right quadrant) (Crest of the Ridgway Family).

The Eagle (bottom left quadrant) was taken from the Longton Arms (Crest of James Glover).

The Sythe (bottom right quadrant) is taken from both the Tunstall and Burslem Arms.

The Egyptian Potter at his wheel represents the pottery industry.