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3D Printing

RepRapPro Mendel Mono
RepRapPro Mendel Mono. Bought in kit form and assembled over a weekend.
I have interfaced it to a Raspberry Pi with a WiFi dongle.
It runs the Linux version of Pronterface (setup instructions here)
... and connects to NAS drive (setup instructions here) ... so becoming a wireless print server.
User TightVNC Viewer to connect to it using IP address

RepRapPro Huxley
NEMA 14 Stepper Motor: M142618M426, phase current = 0.28 ... so set motor driver reference to 0.22V
NEMA 17 Stepper Motor: JK42HS34-1334A, phase current = 1.33A ... so set motor driver reference to 1.06V

3D Modelling Software
I like the flexability of OpenSCAD. It renders 3D models from a scripting language (very 'C' like) rather than graphically manupulating a model. Whilst scripting can seem more complicated, it does give ultimate control over what is rendered. For example it is easy to 'comment out' parts of the model, to prameterise things and to programatically alter the model and the rendering.

  • Add 0.5mm to any hole dimensions.
  • Add a 2mm hole along the z-axis to improve it's tensile and shear strength (helps fuse the layers where weak infill would be)
  • Sometimes imported STL files may render with <F5> but will ERROR with <F6>. Try fixing the part here (seems to use netfabb).
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