3D Printer

posted 23 Jul 2013, 00:59 by Matt Cook   [ updated 23 Jul 2013, 01:00 ]

I bought a 3D Printer kit which is now built and working. Read nore about it here.

Home Brewer

posted 14 Mar 2013, 14:58 by Matt Cook

Bought a beer homebrew kit. Let's see how it goes.

Hard Hat Diver

posted 2 Feb 2012, 04:19 by Matt Cook

I went with my dive Club for a short dive in the old Siebe Gorman kit (brass helmet).
Check out my dive trip report for more details.

06 OCT 2011: I'm Now 'Proper' Diver

posted 5 Oct 2011, 16:33 by Matt Cook   [ updated 5 Oct 2011, 16:33 ]

It's been a while since my last post. I've been cracking on with my SCUBA diving. I'm now a qualified BSAC Ocean Diver and am almost at the next stage of being a BSAC Sports Diver. I've also been diving shipwrecks in Devon and Cornwall. My next exciting dives will be on holiday in Lanzarote ... ahh, warm clear blue waters, heaven!

First Training Dives Done

posted 7 Mar 2011, 04:06 by Matt Cook   [ updated 7 Mar 2011, 04:08 ]

Had a trip out to Dosthill Quarry near to Tamworth. Completed my first two training dives on a lovely sunny late winters day. Visability was about 8 meters ... and we saw two of the infamous Pike!

Next up are another two training dive at Stoney Cove.

I'm ready for the Open Water

posted 18 Feb 2011, 06:56 by Matt Cook   [ updated 18 Feb 2011, 07:01 ]

I'm enjoying my Scuba diving, I have to, it's cost me enough. I have completed all my pool training, classroom lessons and theory test. I have had several drysuit training sessions and I am now ready to hit the open water. A trip to Dosthill quarry is planned for the 6th March. Hopefully I'll soon be a BSAC qualified Ocean Diver.

I think I may take up SCUBA Diving

posted 26 Oct 2010, 07:50 by Matt Cook   [ updated 26 Oct 2010, 07:52 ]

... or is it Sub-Aqua? ... I can't quite work out the correct term yet.
Anyhow, I have arranged a free 'Try Dive' session with a local Dive Club ... and I'll see how it goes.

Our Holiday Is Getting Closer

posted 12 Apr 2010, 04:48 by Matt Cook   [ updated 12 Apr 2010, 04:51 ]

Vegas & Caribean Cruise - SEP 2010: Our flights have now been confirmed ... it's starting to feel like it's not so far away now ... getting excited.

28 SEP 2009: Jag all working again

posted 2 Oct 2009, 07:51 by Matt Cook   [ updated 2 Oct 2009, 07:55 ]

New aircon compressor fitted ... tow-bar electrics fixed ... new battery fitted.
I can now get on with driving it.

14 SEP 2009: Broken Jag !?

posted 14 Sep 2009, 04:17 by Matt Cook   [ updated 14 Sep 2009, 04:20 ]

Lots of rattling from under the bonnet ... then some smoke!
Taken it back to garage I had it from as there is a bit of waranty with it.
(It could be the Aircon Compressor clutch packed up?)

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