I can't strictly class woodworking as a hobby but I enjoy making stuff when the fancy takes me ... and my garage is clear ... and the weather not too cold.
Now, I say it's a garage but it's now become a workshop as it is stuffed full off my woodworking Tools.
I've build quite a few things now, although I only do one-offs. Where possible I've kepts notes on my various Projects.
Here are some woodworking links which may be of interest (with a star rating out of 5);
   **    Popular Woodworking
    *    Woodworker''s Journal Not much online content.
   **    Wood Magazine Some useful plans, tips & videos.
    -    Workbench Magazine
    -    GetWoodworking.com Website for several mags.
    -    American Woodworker
TV Shows:
    *    New Yankee Workshop
  ***    Screwfix Direct Mail order, supplies a catalogue.
   **    Axminster Power Tool Center Have an email newsletter, a bit expensive.
 ****    B&Q High-street accessible with budget ranges.
 ****    Machine Mart A little less accessible but better range and quality of budget tools.
    -    Internet Woodworking Woodstore
Project Plans:
  ***    Absolutely Free Plans
   **    Easy Wood Projects
    -    Amature Woodworker
   **    Grampa''s Workshop Neither of mine, they're dead.
    -    Internet Woodworking
  ***    Sawdust Making Lots of good basic advice.
    *    UK Workshop As the name implies, a UK biased site.
  ***    Wood Bin For software (CAD, cut lists, etc.)
    *    Wood Central
   **    Woodworking.com Overly commercial.
   **    WoodNET
    -    diydata.com DIY site with woodworking info.
    -    JustWoodworking.com Plenty of plans, not much else.
    -    woodworkersworkshop.com
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